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Early Alert/ Mid-semester Help

Tips to Reaching your Goal Grade  

Did you know that a “C” average (2.0) is the minimum requirement for students to be in good academic standing at WVU?  And, many majors require an even higher overall GPA.  Learn more about Grades and GPA.


Here are some tips to help you stay on track:

1.  Talk to your instructor. 

All instructors hold office hours.  Check the syllabus to find out when you can chat.

2.  Get help! 

WVU’s community of learning centers can offer help with tough material.  Tutors are available for many of WVU’s courses as well as tutors that offer writing support.  Find your tutor.

3.  Get on a schedule.

Do you ever forget about assignments or run out of time? Do you feel stressed when trying to study for an exam?  Do you accidentally miss class? Creating a weekly schedule can really help you stay on task.  A success coach can help you set up the best schedule to fit your life.
Need a weekly schedule planner?  The Office of Student Success offers free dry erase calendars to help you plan out your week.  Please call 304-293-5804 to find out when you pick one up.

4.  Make an appointment to meet with a success coach.

Success Coaching is FREE, and coaches can work with you on the array of skills that you’ll need to achieve success at the college level.  These one-on-one appointments are confidential and tailored to your needs.  Request a success coach. 


5.  Complete a StudentLingo workshop.

Each of the 50 workshops will focus on a different topic such as stress management, math anxiety, and learning strategies that can help launch you to success.  At the end, make sure to download the action plan.  Each action plan is designed to help you reflect on what you learned in the workshop and decide how to use the information to step up your academic game.


6.  Chat with your academic advisor. 

Advisors can do a lot more than help you pick out classes for the next semester. They’re knowledgeable about campus resources, different major options, and much more.  Talking with your academic advisor can help you think about the big picture and which path is right for you.


7.  Take a mid-semester course. 

Did you know there are a few courses that start at the mid-semester point?  These eight-week courses run October 14 to December 10 and are a great option for students that may need to withdraw from another course.  Or for students who are doing well in their classes and would just like to add another.  Talk to your advisor to find out if this is the right option for you.


Want even more resources? Check out the WVU LibrariesCarruth Center, Office of Accessibility Services, WellWVU, or contact us at the Office of Student Success so that we can connect you to the right resource at the right time.