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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I decide not to participate in First-Year Pathway or fail to complete a summer program?

Your enrollment at WVU is contingent upon your participation in the First-Year Pathway. If you decide not to participate, you may consider attending one of our divisional campuses or another institution and then transfer to WVU after you successfully complete 24 credit hours.

What if I retake the ACT or SAT and get a better score?

The ACT and SAT can be retaken and your updated scores submitted to WVU for consideration. Check timelines for both test scores, not only when the test is being given but when scores are being released. It can take up to two weeks after scores are released for them to be received by WVU. Scores will need to be received by the Admissions office prior to May 1, 2018 for FYP students. Due to participation in the summer programs, it is vital to have your new scores before May 1. You may contact the WVU Office of Admissions at 304-293-2121 with any questions regarding your admission status.

What if I do not complete a summer program provided by the FYP?

You will be referred to one of our WVU divisional campuses .

If my intended major requires a math course or a sequence of math/chemistry courses, how do I get placed into a math or chemistry course?

Students may place into Math and Chemistry courses by using ACT Math score, SAT Math score, scores from the ALEKS Math placement, or successful completion of a prerequisite course.

What is ALEKS Math placement?

ALEKS is an assessment tool that identifies appropriate Math and Chemistry placement. ALEKS is the current placement tool used by WVU. If your major requires a chemistry course (i.e. CHEM 110 or higher) and/or a math course (i.e. MATH 126 or higher) and your ACT math or SAT math score is insufficient for placement, your only option to place into them is with an ALEKS score.

How do I prepare for ALEKS if my ACT/SAT score does not qualify for a math course?

ALEKS uses adaptive questioning to quickly and accurately determine exactly what a student knows and doesn't know and assists them in course placement.

You will have one ALEKS practice attempt that you may complete from home. We recommend you to take the practice attempt without any assistance and without using a calculator. This way, ALEKS will provide the most accurate results of your placement and will place you with the appropriate learning modules. The learning modules provide individualized and adaptive remediation material based on types of problems you answer correctly and incorrectly on your practice attempt. The learning modules are available only after you have taken the practice attempt. We encourage you to take ALEKS and work on the learning modules prior to New Student Orientation.

Your official ALEKS placement score must be confirmed on campus or through an approved proctoring service. ALEKS placement will be offered at open house events in March and April, at Go Fridays in March and at New Student Orientation in April and June.

What happens after I take a proctored ALEKS placement on campus or through an approved proctoring service)?

You will have the opportunity to speak with a FYP academic advisor and discuss your intended major and the courses you will register for in the fall term. We highly encourage you to sign up for an April NSO session!

We recommend you to take the practice ALEKS placement far enough in advance of NSO to allow time for the learning modules. Math Boot Camp is available for those who wish to receive formal instruction and support in mastering the learning modules.

How do I know which Adventure WV trip to select?

You can register for :
FYP exclusive Mountaineer Quest Trip July 2-6 or August 7-11, 2018
FYP exclusive Odyssey WV Trip June 16-21 or July 14-19, 2018
Register for any available 5-6 day open enrollment trips throughout the summer.

What if I cannot do any of these programs?

If you cannot participate in any of the three summer programs, you will be referred to our divisional campuses for the 2018-19 academic year. Once you have completed 24 baccalaureate level courses with an overall GPA of 2.0, you may transfer to the Morgantown campus.

Am I eligible to receive financial aid for any of the programs?

Please contact the Office of Financial Aid with questions. Go to for contact information.

When is the last day to sign up for a summer program?

The last day to sign up for a FYP summer program is May 15, 2018. It is important to sign up for a summer program as soon as you make the commitment to attend WVU-Morgantown. Please note that Adventure WV programs fill up quickly.

We encourage you to attend Decide WVU Days, Campus Visit, and one of the webinar sessions.

To confirm your FYP admissions, you must register for a Adventure WV trip and attend New Student Orientation. Summer Registration Link and register to attend a New Student Orientation session. We highly encourage you to sign up for one of our “early bird” NSO sessions scheduled in April 2018. You will be the first student to register for courses Fall 2018 term and to confirm your summer program. Just think, you will be able to register for courses before the 5,500 first-time freshmen arrive on campus!