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First-Year Pathway

First-Year Pathway (FYP) is an academic support program designed for conditionally admitted students. Conditionally admitted students are those who have not met one of the minimum admission criteria, either high school GPA or standardized test scores (ACT or SAT).

We believe that through specialized advising, participation in a summer component*, and structured resources throughout the fall and spring terms, FYP students have a more successful transition to college. The core of the program is to assist students in building a solid foundation by connecting to WVU resources, achieving meaningful academic goals, remaining in good academic standing (above a 2.0 GPA), matriculating to a major, and graduating with a bachelor’s degree.

Once admitted to the program, students will receive more specific details regarding required components and timeline for completion.

*All FYP students admitted for fall must complete a required summer program as a condition for admission to WVU- Morgantown.

Benefits of FYP

FYP promotes access to WVU for students by providing extra support throughout their first year. FYP students have dedicated advisors, take a first-year seminar course (graduation requirement) with other FYP students, participate in a common curriculum, and meet with a success coach each month.

Success coaches work individually with students to enhance their academic skills in time management, note taking, reading, and study strategies. They are a great resource for students to strengthen academic and college life skills! Additionally, undergraduate peer mentors are embedded into the FYP first-year seminar to provide further, more informal support to students.


See what past student's have said about us.

Adjusting to college life was something that I was very worried about. FYP provided me with a success coach that I met with monthly. Success coaching helped me set goals and improve my study skills. As an undecided student, being part of FYP helped me tremendously, and I would highly recommended students stick with the program. My parents and I have seen continuous growth and improvement since high school, and I want to thank FYP for being part of first year at WVU.

Shaelyn Weida