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Stay WVU

There are many reasons that students contemplate leaving WVU. We want to ensure that you are exploring all possible options or resources before you take that step. We developed a list of resources for the top three reasons we hear most often from students when they are considering leaving.

Academic Concerns

  • WVU offers lots of tutoring free of charge. This includes group and one-on-one tutoring. Already tried this and it didn’t work? Drop in elsewhere - we have a variety of learning centers available for drop in assistance.
  • Meeting with professors during their office hours can be helpful. These are listed on their syllabi and a great chance to get help on difficult subjects. This is also a great opportunity to meet your professor to let them know your concerns and that you are trying.
  • Sometimes a major is a bad fit or maybe a particular course can be a barrier. Before making a jump to another school, have you considered if there is a major at WVU that will help you accomplish this new goal? WVU has over 190 majors to choose from and it is easy to change majors . Some ways to do this?
    • Log on to DegreeWorks and check out the “What If” feature to see how your credits might apply to another major.
    • We also have degrees that are much more flexible and may allow you to avoid challenging courses including the Multidisciplinary Studies Program or Regents Bachelor of Arts.
    • Career Services can help you explore and review options with their online Focus2 tool to narrow interest and then meet with a career counselor.
  • Have you had challenges with an instructor? You can always reach out to the chairperson of the department for guidance. We depend on students to let us know if there are concerns so we can explore those and make adjustments when needed.
  • Academic advisors are great resources. If there are concerns, you can generally request a change of advisors. They can also sometimes help with exploring other majors.

Financial Concerns

Getting your degree can be a big investment.

Sometimes the information provided on your FAFSA no longer reflects your financial situation. There are some circumstances where it is in your best interest to complete the Family Contribution Appeal.

WVU offers a scholarship appeal form for students who may have lost or be in jeopardy of losing a scholarship.

WVU also have a lot of on-campus employment opportunities for students. Check out Handshake, the Career Services platform for job postings.

Be sure to speak with Student Financial Support and Services to look into all of your options.

Personal Concerns

The struggle can often be real juggling life and college. National research shows that college is one of the most stressful periods of time in a person’s life. Even under the best of circumstances, navigating a new environment with new people, living away from home for the first time, and taking difficult college level courses can be overwhelming. This is especially true when it isn’t the best of circumstances. Often, we can help lighten the load with these resources:

  • Not feeling comfortable in a new place can be hard. You are not the only one! We have a lot of folks who want to help you find your place here at WVU.
    • WVU Carruth Center – we support your mental health and well being through a variety of services.
    • Office of Accessibility Services – we often find students are dealing with medical issues and trying to balance school. Or maybe you have a diagnosed or undiagnosed learning disability - OAS may be able to provide ADA accommodations to easy the stresses.
    • CARE Team – Not sure where to turn? Call our CARE Team or fill out our online CARE Report. Let us know what is happening and we can help you explore options!
  • We have a number of ways for students to meet others. WVUEngage is your one-stop shop to enrich your experience at WVU.
  • Want to get pair up with a mentor? WVU has faculty, staff, and peer mentors that want to connect with students.

  • Sometimes roommate situations can be challenging. Did you know that you can move rooms or even residence halls? Our residence hall staff includes not just the RAs but also Residence Life Specialist who live in your residence halls who can help you navigate these issues.