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Summer Boost

Summer Boost is a program designed to help currently enrolled students at WVU increase their cumulative GPA and earn course credit during the summer term. This program will provide students with resources that will help in academic success. Upon completion of the program, with a C or better in each course, students are eligible for a summer stipend. In-state students can earn up to 30% of university tuition. Out-of-state students can earn up to 40%off university tuition.

Participants must meet the following eligibility requirements:

Participants must enroll in an on-campus section of a degree pursuant course or a degree pursuant course online if the course is unavailable on-campus during the summer term

Program Requirements for Tuition Stipend

The tuition stipend for Summer BOOST participants is equivalent to 30% of university tuition for in-state students and 40% for out-of state students for the summer 2020 term. Other charges such as college tuition and university fees may still apply.

Summer BOOST participants are required to complete the following actions for tuition stipend consideration:

Benefits of the Program

Students can raise their cumulative GPA (CGPA) by retaking courses where a higher grade is desired. By focusing on just these classes, students can have an opportunity to earn the CGPA needed to start the next school year in good academic standing or maintain the PROMISE and Institutional Scholarships. By taking a summer course, eligible students can stay on track for graduation.

Other benefits include:

Registration Process

Class Start Date  Application Due Date
May 18th- June 1st May 12th
June 29th- July 20th  June 24th

 Application Opens on March 1st.


For questions or comments, please contact Niara Campbell at 304-293-5804 or

Important Notes

All courses are during summer sessions which are typically 6 weeks long. It is your responsibility to check times and dates for courses when registering.

All courses are held on the WVU campus in Morgantown. Online options for this program are only available if the course is not offered on campus during the summer term.

Qualifying tutoring hours can be completed at the Academic Resource Center located in Room 144 of the Downtown Library.  Students may also use other campus organized tutoring centers. 

All courses must be degree pursuant.

Students have the option to live on or off campus.