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FYP Resources

We are committed to helping you succeed at WVU. Part of that is ensuring that you know what resources are available to you. The following are structured resources that First-Year Pathway (FYP) students have available to them.

Professional Academic Advisors

Each First-Year Pathway student is assigned an academic advisor. Advisors work individually with students guiding them through the decisions regarding course and major selection. They are also campus policy and procedure experts and should be the first person you turn to for help navigating your first year in college.

First-Year Pathway designated sections of the First-Year Seminar.

All students at WVU take a first-year seminar to help them learn about WVU and acclimate to college life and academics. FYP students have specific sections of the first-year seminar designated just for them. Your advisor will serve as your instructor for this course.

Student Success Coaches

Student Success Coaches work individually with students to enhance their academic success in time management, note taking, reading, and study skills. The coaches will also assist in the transition to WVU by answering questions and providing information about campus resources. Coaching is built into the First-Year Seminar, and FYP students meet with their Success Coach a minimum of 5 times.

Curriculum of Common Courses

FYP students will participate in a curriculum consisting of 10 credits in-common that fulfill university graduation requirements. Additional tutoring and review sessions are offered for those courses. FYP students will take 4 to 6 additional major specific courses along with the common courses.